Who is Fanis and why the frenzy!

(FNN) -- Hour by hour we are learning more about Fanis Poulinakis and why he has the whole country to talking about him. We have managed to not only get his Resume first but also the important details of his big career secrets.

FNN's president has decided not to reveal his contacts, since he is interested himself.

It appears that part of what make Poulinakis so appealing is the fact that he was born with the magic ability to know what million of audiences and users like to watch and view. Better yet, he also knows how to keep them coming back over and over again!

"He can't even explain it himself," a closed friend told FNN, "He just thinks out of the box, he put himself in their shoes and boom: 5 million women read his lifestyle site. It’s natural talent!” A whole country talked about the news show he was directing and producing, and the Oprah of Europe trusted him to direct and produce her show and at the time he was only 22!

Our sources tell us it doesn't matter if it's a TV show, website, or anything as long as a screen is involved. When it comes to live broadcasting Poulinakis thrives at capturing the emotion of the audience.

FNN exclusively obtained some of his high school yearbook pictures. He is definitely an easily adjusted man of many faces.


To investigate these abilities even further, FNN went to Poulinakis colleagues, coworkers, and friends.

Eric Siegel, an 11 Emmy Award winning Director was quoted saying: "Fanis Poulinakis is a director of vision, ability, and seemingly endless imagination. His work as a director and producer combines a unique visual style, an emotional heart, and a clear passion for excellence." 

The Head Creative Director of Antenna Group, I.Drimillis, who recently won 3 awards at the 2013 PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Awards mentioned:  "Fanis is not just another director and never was. From the first day of our cooperation he was the creative spark in all of the projects he worked for. He is a visionary who changed the way television directing is done. He pushes all production to their limits leaving no space for mistakes when going live. This is something that many directors try for but can’t deliver."

Apparently Fanis, excels in both industries he was involved with and lead: TV & Online. Since he was among the first of his generation who understood the similarities and how one completes another, he was able to turn this realization into substantial success.

Another sentimental friend told us in an interview: "He adapts in every situation, like a lizard and..." Anna, she couldn’t finish her statement as she was crying and hasn't seen him in a year and half. She knows that he won’t stop until he finds the right career opportunity. He wants to be "the top in his class and work to the best of his ability."

FNN will try to bring you all the latest regarding his past career and why so many large corporations in the U.S are eager to have him on their roster.

Stay tuned in…