Global Resume Alert

Total chaos! 22 U.S companies fighting over Fanis


  • 22 U.S companies are fighting to try to get an interview from Fanis first
  • The fight has moved into the streets of New York and is out of control
  • The latest information reports that Fanis is being chased due to his unbelievable expertise on how to produce #1TV Shows and Online Portals
  • FNN obtained first a picture of his resume  


(FNN) -- Exclusively the latest information regarding the crucial dispute that broke among 22 U.S corporations in the media and digital section.

Undisclosed source from the U.S Resume Intelligence Agency just revealed to FNN what started the disruption.

"It was 3am and a global alert went out! We had to use all our sources and latest technology to hide Mr. Poulinakis resume. CEOs from the largest media companies in the country have ordered their hiring managers to track him down and are bidding to see who gets an interview first."

The same government agency that was also responsible for giving Fanis a special working visa as "extraordinary talent in the media" wasn't able to stop the outbreak.

In less than an hour, the fight broke out in the streets, resulting in insane rioting.

"The pandemonium is unimaginable," a key eyewitness informed FNN.

Fanis was spotted a few blocks away from Times Square and in no time hiring manages, recruiters, even the President of a News Networks rushed to the scene to try to get an interview with him first.

Latest information reports that he managed to escape the scene safely and he is now operating from a concealed location.

FNN managed to obtain first an exclusive picture of what it seems is the only copy of the Resume found at the scene.

FNN is using all its resources to investigate this very urgent situation and find out more information regarding who is Fanis Poulinakis and why this company frenzy erupted about him. We will keep you updated.